Freedom of Information: 10 years in quotes

1st January 2015 marks 10 years since the Freedom of Information Act was implemented in the UK. It has been a piece of legislation that has provoked strong feelings from those in power to journalists and users of the Act. Here is a selection of quotes showing how the Act has been useful since it …

My peak internet

I think it will take a little while to beat this… The chair of a House of Lords committee looking at drones was "horrified" when she recently discovered Google Maps — Matt Burgess (@mattburgess1) October 20, 2014

Why staff are being sacked from private prisons

Staff at the 14 privatised prisons around the country have been sacked for breaching security, inappropriate relationships and smuggling items into prisons. Over the last year 43 of the staff members have been sacked for a wide range of reasons that can be seen below:

Book update: Number #345

I am writing a book*. It’s on the Freedom of Information Act and how journalists can use it. I have mentioned it a couple of times – not many though. At around 80,000 words it is by far the biggest project I have ever undertaken and it is proving to be incredibly challenging. However, as …

Details on my new FOI book for journalists

It has been a couple of weeks since I announced that I am going to be writing a book on Freedom of Information laws in the UK and how they can be used by journalists – so now feels like the right time to give some more details. The book is to be a practical …