Details on my new FOI book for journalists


It has been a couple of weeks since I announced that I am going to be writing a book on Freedom of Information laws in the UK and how they can be used by journalists – so now feels like the right time to give some more details.

The book is to be a practical guide for journalists on how to use the Freedom of Information Act to create stories, conduct investigations and uncovered hidden information.

Media-book publisher Routledge, who are part of the Taylor and Francis group, are publishing the book (and I am very grateful to them for offering the contract to do so).

It will draw upon the FOI legislation itself, case law, academic study and most importantly practical examples from those using the Act. This will include journalists and information professionals alike.

Throughout the book there will be tips and guidance which has come directly from the practical experiences of those using the Act to create stories.

I am keen to include as many examples and case studies in the book as possible. The more practical advice, examples of using FOI, challenges that are faced, and how to come over them that are included will add strength to the book.

Although this book is being aimed at journalists I wish to make it as accessible as possible to me I wish to be able to promote the use of FOI for journalists and all members of society

The book will be aimed at those who are completely new to FOI requests but also cater for those who are frequently making requests and wish to increase their knowledge. It

Other themes and areas that will be included in the book are:

  • How to make FOI requests
  • How to appeal a request that has been refused
  • How to conduct and FOI led investigation
  • International reflections on FOI
  • A look at open data and how it can be used with FOI
  • EIR regulations

… and a lot more.

Also, I will shortly be requesting a lot of interviews from those people using FOI and working in FOI, also, those governing it. If there’s anyone you think should definitely be included then feel free to email/Tweet me to say so.

If you have any ideas/suggestions or queries about the book you can contact me on