My writing includes everything from technology and government transparency to culture and business. If you would like to commission me please send me an email: mattburgess100@gmail.com. Below is a small selection of my work.


Rebuilding Eric, ‘the man without a soul’
How Iraq turned off the internet
Ever wondered how underwater cables are laid? We take a trip on the ship that keeps us online
The security flaws at the heart of the Panama Papers
Holding AI to account: will algorithms ever be free from bias if they’re created by humans?
Video: We went off-road in Jaguar Land Rover’s autonomous car
Amazon Echo review: Human-like AI is worth the money even if it does have teething problems
Chris Hadfield: Moon colonisation is ‘obvious’ next step
How Tim Peake will run the London Marathon from space
The FBI’s silence over its iPhone hack ‘puts everyone at risk’
UK mass surveillance ‘totalitarian’ and will ‘cost lives’, warns ex-NSA tech boss
Revealed: how UK police are taught to deal with drones

The following articles first appeared in print:

Want to know if you’ve been hacked? Troy Hunt has all the details
How machine learning is speeding up cancer diagnosis
How addictive simplicity made Agar.io a global hit
A real-life David and Goliath: the Indian ‘web warrior’ who took on Facebook and won
Polysolar wants to turn windows into transparent solar panels
Deciem launched 10 beauty brands in three years
Self-driving tractors could be key to solving the looming food crisis

News & other 

Freedom of Information Act: 103 stories that prove Chris Grayling wrong – The Guardian
Come on, who nicked the MP’s teddy bear? – The Sun (freelance)
Police forces pay £25million to informants – Daily Mail (Hotspot Media, press agency)
It’s good to share – British Airways magazine Boy, five, who can only eat smooth food is told school can’t prepare his mashed potato ‘because teachers haven’t had hygiene training’ – Daily Mail (Hotspot Media)
Boozy MPs went on £250k bender – The Sun (freelance)
‘A brain tumour made me follow my dream to become a Mermaid’ – Daily Mail (HotSpot Media)
Video: Inside the record breaking fusion reactor – Factor Magazine
Pensioner builds world’s tiniest cinema in his home – Daily Mail (HotSpot Media)
Peppa Pig tells kids to ‘go to hell’ after site hacked – The Telegraph (HotSpot Media)
UK’s first ever transgender wrestler set to prove she packs a serious punch – Daily Mail (Hotspot Media)

FOI Directory

I founded and created the FOI Directory website, which is a tool for those wanting to make Freedom of Information requests, find out more about the Act and updates that are happening in the area. It contains 10,000+ email contact details for public authorities and I also write about the FOI Act.

Government’s FOI ’round robin list’ doesn’t comply with data protection rules
FOI enforcement: The four Enforcement Notices issued in 10 years
The 10 year fight: Battle to reveal Prince Charles’s letters is about to end
The future of Freedom of Information: More access, but fewer rights