My writing includes everything from technology and government transparency to culture and business. If you would like to commission me please send me an email: mattburgess100@gmail.com. Below is a small selection of my work.


Here’s the first evidence Russia used Twitter to influence Brexit
UK police are using AI to inform custodial decisions – but it could be discriminating against the poor
When a tanker vanishes, all the evidence points to Russia
Facial recognition tech used by UK police is making a ton of mistakes
Top iOS dating apps are exposing your personal life to hackers
We need a global cyberwar treaty, says the former head of GCHQ
Tim Berners-Lee: governments are ‘trampling on our rights to privacy’
As it sells its 12 millionth board, Raspberry Pi reveals why it’s shifting away from hardware
Rebuilding Eric, ‘the man without a soul’
How Iraq turned off the internet
Ever wondered how underwater cables are laid? We take a trip on the ship that keeps us online
The security flaws at the heart of the Panama Papers
The law is nowhere near ready for the rise of AI-generated fake porn
How Nike used algorithms to help design its latest running shoe
Chris Hadfield: Moon colonisation is ‘obvious’ next step
The FBI’s silence over its iPhone hack ‘puts everyone at risk’
Revealed: how UK police are taught to deal with drones

The following articles first appeared in print:

Inside Netflix’s $8 billion plan for world entertainment domination
Roborace is building a 300kph AI supercar – no driver required
How police can still fingerprint the plastic £10 and £5 notes
Essential podcast equipment from microphones to mixers
Frequent flyer? Check out these must-have travel accessories
Want to know if you’ve been hacked? Troy Hunt has all the details
How machine learning is speeding up cancer diagnosis
How addictive simplicity made Agar.io a global hit
A real-life David and Goliath: the Indian ‘web warrior’ who took on Facebook and won
Polysolar wants to turn windows into transparent solar panels
Deciem launched 10 beauty brands in three years
Self-driving tractors could be key to solving the looming food crisis

News & other 

All ears: Business Life, British Airways magazine (freelance)
Watching them, watching US: Can we trust big tech to regulate itself? – Creative Review (freelance)
Tightening the Net – Business Life, British Airways magazine (freelance)
Unchartered Territory – Modus (freelance) 
Freedom of Information Act: 103 stories that prove Chris Grayling wrong – The Guardian
Come on, who nicked the MP’s teddy bear? – The Sun (freelance)
Police forces pay £25million to informants – Daily Mail (Hotspot Media, press agency)
Boy, five, who can only eat smooth food is told school can’t prepare his mashed potato ‘because teachers haven’t had hygiene training’ – Daily Mail (Hotspot Media)
Boozy MPs went on £250k bender – The Sun (freelance)
‘A brain tumour made me follow my dream to become a Mermaid’ – Daily Mail (HotSpot Media)
Video: Inside the record breaking fusion reactor – Factor Magazine
Pensioner builds world’s tiniest cinema in his home – Daily Mail (HotSpot Media)

FOI Directory

I founded and created the FOI Directory website, which is a tool for those wanting to make Freedom of Information requests, find out more about the Act and updates that are happening in the area. It contains 10,000+ email contact details for public authorities and I also write about the FOI Act.

Government’s FOI ’round robin list’ doesn’t comply with data protection rules
FOI enforcement: The four Enforcement Notices issued in 10 years
The 10 year fight: Battle to reveal Prince Charles’s letters is about to end
The future of Freedom of Information: More access, but fewer rights