HotSpot Media

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I spent time as a news reporter producing stories for the UK’s major newspapers. 

This role included reporting on breaking news, court cases, and inquests as well as sourcing original exclusive stories for all of the national newspapers.

I was also responsible for monitoring local news, competitors and social media for stories that may be unfolding.

Below are examples of my work from my time at HotSpot Media: 

£4,000 O.N.O: One World War Two plane used to defeat Hitler for sale on eBay… just don’t try to fly it – Daily Mail – 27th June 2013

Dramatic moment rugby steward attacks fan in the stands caught on camera after a smoke bomb is thrown onto the pitch – Daily Mail – 13th September 2013

The town where you have to ‘O’ down: Ridiculous looking road markings left by workmen after they only repaint part of the word SLOW – Daily Mail – 28th June 2013

Police forces pay £25million to informants and nearly half is spent by London’s Met – Daily Mail – 18th June 2013

Shop accused of racism for selling ‘immigrant bags’ – The Sun – 15th August 2013

Now that’s a lot of bottle: Pensioner has spent 30 years collecting almost 20,000 milk bottles from around the world – but he still hates the stuff – Daily Mail – 28th August 2013

Peppa Pig tells kids to ‘go to hell’ after site hacked – The Telegraph – 19th June 2013

Gran, 57, killed in bed with pitchfork – The Sun – 20th July 2013

A brain tumour made me follow my dream to become a MERMAID’: Accountant, 25, recovers from rare growth to set up an underwater entertainment company – Daily Mail – 11th September 2013

Postman dies after collapsing in heat while delivering mail – The Sun – 18th July 2013

Boy, five, who can only eat smooth food is told school can’t prepare his mashed potato ‘because teachers haven’t had hygiene training’ – Daily Mail – 12th September 2013

Unemployed graduate has benefits stopped after missing a job centre appointment because she was at an INTERVIEW – Daily Mail – 25th June 2013

UK’s first ever transgender wrestler set to prove she packs a serious punch – Daily Mail – 3rd September 2013

Granddaughter’s anger after council sticks a fine on headstones where mourners leave pot plants on graves – Daily Mail – 25th July 2013

Bringing the big screen to my small bedroom! Pensioner builds world’s tiniest cinema complete with projector and red curtains in his home – Daily Mail – 3rd July 2013