I have written for a range of different publications and media groups on a freelance basis. Below is a selection of the work I have produced on a freelance basis.

The Sun

Come on, who nicked the MP’s teddy bear?

Boozy MPs went on £250k bender

Positive News

Bedroom swap scheme cuts cost for university students

First global arms treaty approved by the UN

Guns swapped for ‘weapons for life’ in Uruguay

Over one hundred countries agree to cut mercury pollution

Two US colleges withdraw support for fossil fuels

EU bans import and sale of cosmetics tested on animals

World’s largest protected wetland area established in Bolivia

Daily Mail

Driver keeps licence despite racking up three times the number of points needed for an automatic ban  

Open Democracy

The sneak attack on Freedom of Information

Huffington Post 

Woolworths Warned High Street Chains to Adapt to Digital Four Years ago

Freedom of Information Laws Need to be Defended From Scaremongering of Their Costs

Fake Twitter Followers: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Stripping for Tuition Fees: It’s Too Easy for Companies to Make Their Own Headlines

London riots: Twitter Fuels Rumours and Proves Unreliable for Reporting

Phone Hacking may Topple Murdoch’s Media Empire 

Government Regulation won’t Work for UK Press