I have produced copy for a variety of different brands, products and services through my experience in freelance copywriting.

Companies I have written for include Littlewoods, Virgin and L.A Fitness.

On each of these occasions I have produced materials written to tight briefs and included keyword optimisation.

Below are examples of some of the clients I have written for and copy produced for them. 

Product torsos for Littlewoods.

Men’s Tennis Shoes

In a variety of shapes, sizes and styles our collection of men’s tennis shoes will really help you to get across the court as quickly as some of the games top players. With shoes from top brands including Nike, Fred Perry, Adidas and many more there’s a pair to suit your style and taste. Whether you’re playing in a friendly match or a tournament you’ll be able to feel confident of winning with your choice from collection of men’s tennis shoes.

Men’s Gym Trainers

Whether you’re at the gym to keep fit, tone up or train for a marathon our men’s gym trainers are just the things for your workout. From golf shoes to running shoes we have a wide variety of styles, brands and colours in stock. This includes a variety of different materials such as lightweight running trainers, canvas trainers and leather trainers. Adidas, Puma, Nike labels are all stocked along with many more brands for a variety of different men’s gym trainers that will help you to achieve your goals.

News summary for

Online casino 888 has launched a brand new slot game to celebrate the upcoming final of Celebrity Big Brother.

The reality show’s grand finale takes place this weekend, with former X Factor star Rylan Clark being tipped by bookies to take the CBB crown. To keep you occupied until the final showdown, 888casino has brought out the Big Brother slot game, giving you the chance to be a winner in your own house, with the operator offering great promotions until after the show on Saturday night.

The new 5-reel, 25-payline slot game features free spins and a bonus game. As an added incentive 888casino is offering you a £20 bonus for every £35 deposited when you enter the code 888CBB.

The Big Brother slots are just one of a new range of games added to its online casino this January, with the promise of more to come. Also in the recently updated selection is Casper’s Mystery Mirror slots, a 40-payline game with a unique 5×4 reel format and a maximum prize per line of £250,000.

888casino features a variety of online games, from traditional favourites such as roulette and blackjack to video slots and Live Casino. When joining its online casino, there are bonuses for new members with each person receiving an £88 free play, with no deposit needed. Or follow our link for a 200% match deposit, for up to £300!

The Big Brother game and other new slots add to the casino’s collection of more than 50 online slot games, which are packed with big wins and bonus games. So visit 888casino now for your chance to take home one of the massive jackpots on offer.

Brand description – Virgin Experiences – for Voucher Comparison website.

Whether leaping out of an airplane at 12,000 feet with only a parachute attached as you fall towards the ground at exhilarating speeds, or sitting down to a relaxing lunch cruise through the heart of London on the river Thames, Virgin Experiences offers a multitude of different gift ideas for all types of people and occasions.

Virgin Experiences was launched in 2001 by entrepreneur Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. The company started out modestly, offering experience days to corporate clients as well as providing a way of giving gifts to the group’s staff and customers. However, Branson soon expanded the company to cater to the ‘experience gift’ market and it has since flourished. Following a merger in 2003 with gift company Acorne sports, who have been dealing in experience days for over 25 years, there has been no looking back.

Now the company is regarded as the market leader in offering experience days for thrill seekers and those who want to treat themselves to a slice of luxury.

Gift experiences vary from dining, days out, spa days and hotel breaks to driving supercars, ice climbing and bungee jumping – plus many more. Whatever your interests, Virgin Experiences has the perfect gift or treat for you. If you can’t make your mind up or are unsure which experience would best suit you or your loved one, the company even offers gift vouchers for you to purchase so it can decide for itself.

Experience days make the perfect gift, with a fantastic choice of available options at brilliant value. Whether you’re buying an experience day for yourself, a friend, a loved one or a customer, these days are guaranteed to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience and memory.

Article on swimming and fitness for gym chain. L.A. Fitness

Swimming can be a great addition to your fitness routine and will help to tone and strengthen a number of different areas of your body at the same time. As part of your fitness routine swimming offers a type of exercise like no other aerobic exercise does and has multiple health benefits, which will leave you feeling excellent after a session. Swimming to improve your fitness can sound a little daunting to begin with but there is no need to worry as with the right tips pool work can be incorporated into your fitness routine with ease.

Health benefits from swimming training

When in the pool every kick and stroke with your arms becomes a resistance exercise and is more beneficial than jogging as the water is denser than air, which is great for toning arms and legs. There is no harsh impact to the skeletal system as impact is minimal.

Swimming helps to improve your flexibility as your body is put through a range of movements. The variety of movements in the different strokes, from having your arms stretched out in front of you to your legs spread powerfully propelling you forward, will use muscles you may not have used for a while and help to keep ligaments and tendons flexible.

It is also ideal for weight loss as 30 minutes of steady paced lane swimming can burn over 200 calories.

Being in the water can also help to reduce your stress and take you away from all the pressures of work, while helping to get you fitter, helping toning your arms, and being an enjoyable activity. It also helps your lungs, in particular length swimming forces you to take deep breaths, which with training will increase your lung capacity.

Starting out your training in the swimming pool

At the beginning of your workouts you should concentrate on your technique rather than aiming for speed or power. Building a good technique will lead to moving more efficiently through the water and in time this will lead to speed. When you’re in the water it takes your weight, the resistance and pressure means 30 minutes of exercise in the pool is the equivalent of 45 minutes working out on land. It is important to feel comfortable while in the pool and you should not overwork yourself when training. Swimming which makes you breathe more heavily counts as moderate activity, treading water counts as activity and can be ideal for a warm-up.

Your training sessions should be coupled with rest periods. At most three training sessions should take place each week with rest days in-between to allow your body to recover.

Swimming works your whole body so exercise for toning arms, legs, and the torso are all possible within one training session.

Swimming training for those new to the pool

It’s vital to always warm-up properly before undertaking in any intense exercise as part of your fitness routine – this prepares your body for the more intense exercise and reduces the chance of injury. The warm-up should be lighter activity, which increases the heart rate.

• Drilling – this is the section of the workout where you focus on your stroke technique. An example of this can be finger dragging, where, while swimming the front crawl, your fingers do not leave the water as the arm moves forward during the stroke recovery. For added difficulty change how much of your hand stays in the water.

• Kicking – Using just your legs, kicking, complete lengths of the pool while it feels comfortable to do so. This can be done with or without a floating kickboard, but is most effective when using a kickboard, holding your head above the water with your arms outstretched.

• Pulling – This training routine is excellent for toning arms and the upper body muscles. Like the kicking routine your energy will be focused on one area of the body, in this case it will help toning your arms. You should pull yourself along using just your arms for swimming; pull-buoys can be used to support the legs if needed. This exercise will help within toning arms and the muscles around the shoulder.

These should all be combined with a main set, involving one stroke from backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke or the front crawl. You should complete lengths at a pace that suits you. If you are training for aerobic fitness then more lengths at a slower pace should be completed, whereas if you’re including swimming in your fitness routine to increase your strength, toning arms and other muscular groups then fewer lengths should be swam at a faster pace.

As with the warm-up it is crucial you cool down after swimming as this will aid your recovery and improve your overall fitness routine allowing you to get back in the pool faster. So why not take to the pool to improve your overall aerobic fitness, muscle tone and general wellbeing.