National policing organisation

The National Police Chiefs Council replaced the police body ACPO earlier this year. Essentially it is the same organisation but it’s one that should still be as open as possible as it oversees and advises on a lot of the national policing policy.

So, here’s a list of who is in charge of who is in charge of each parts of the organisation and national groups that incorporate officers from numerous forces.

Each of the following groups (Coordination Committees, Portfolios, Working Groups and Sub Groups/Programmes) will generally have minuted meetings of which, the minutes will be able to be requested by FOI.

Some of the groups will have, potentially, quite juicy minutes.

In response to an FOI request the body said: “Please note that I have provided you with an updated version of the list. This is a rolling/live document and as such information isn’t always up to date. Amendments are made periodically, sometimes daily and I am unable to confirm whether all of the information provided to you is accurate.”

NPCC police leads