6,000 passive aggressive poems sent to Transport for London

Londoners love being passive aggressive and what better way is there to be passive aggressive than writing it in an anonymous poem?

That’s what happened when Transport for London invited commuters to submit poems for a competition to see them being made into actual posters and put up around the travel network.

Man spreaders, companies advertising and a lot more came under-fire as 6,335 entries were made. TfL sent them all across, in a handy spreadsheet, as they answered an FOI request.

Gripes from passengers looked at littering, music blaring out of headphones, moving down the tube and giving up seats for those who may need them. It’s safe to say that a lot of the verses definitely won’t be making it onto posters.

Here’s a couple of my favourites and all 6,000 of the poems can be found in the spreadsheet below.

Man spread, she said,
is a thing all nice ladies dread.
Sitting with your knees so far apart,
is not a gentlemanly art.
So do us a favour Fred, and
put your legs closer together instead.

If you need to take a load off your feet
dont manspread legs into adjacent seats
Despite what you have inbetween dangling
a sat down plié cramps others travelling
If a less obtuse angle is so out of hand
sit somewhere else fellas… or stand!

Whilst I may be considered prude
And this message may seem rude
Please, even when the train is packed,
We don’t want your dick in our back

TFL…Tube advertising could you screen?
So it is not sexist or bordering obscene
For Travelcards, you took all my money
But then ads make me uncomfortable/funny
I question if you even have \a line\”???”
Or anyone with the money is just fine???

All the poems

You can access the spreadsheet at this link.