Progressive Digital Media


I currently work for Progressive Digital Media as a deputy editor on a range of their business-to-business digital magazines and have been involved in launching a new consumer magazine.


I have been involved with the launch of Factor Magazine – a science, innovation and technology website and digital magazine. The website covers a broad range of issues from the emerging technology world and asks what the future will be like tomorrow?

This has involved producing stories using data, exclusive interviews, video pieces, list-style pieces, product reviews and the latest news from around the world.

The iPad magazine, which launched in June 2014, is a monthly title featuring exclusive content.

Here are some of the articles I have written for Factor:

E-residency: The power to choose your nation

The UK is working with NASA on a tracking system for low-flying drones

Autonomous commercial vehicles will shape our jobs and lives

Pepper 2.0: The robot’s creators explain what is coming next 

UK’s first commercial-scale aquaponic urban farm could be blueprint for city farming

Identity, control, safety: The next generation of wearable tech

Future of fitness: VR cycling kit to let you exercise in virtual worlds

Open source surge: Companies may ditch patents in favour of open tech research

Working towards bricklaying drones that can 3D print in flight

Flying senators: Aerofex’s hover bike to be considered by US government

Data from space: How Outernet will provide free information to the entire world

Is fusion the key to solving the world’s energy problems?

Inside the record breaking fusion reactor

Aubrey de Grey: Longer lives won’t mean overpopulation

Review: Apollo dress shirt from Ministry of Sound

Review: Fitbit Flex 

Digital dogs: Wearable tech for pets could be the next billion dollar industry

iPad magazine

Factor’s monthly digital magazine can either be viewed on the web or downloaded on the iPad. Here are the current editions I have helped to produce:

Issue 15: Politics and government 

Issue 14: The future of gaming

Issue 13: The robots are coming

Issue 12: Life without ageing

Issue 11: Wearable Technology

Issue 10: Transhumanism

Issue 9: Are we all doomed?

Issue 8: Future of Transport 

Issue 7: Roll on 2015

Issue 6: The Future of Work

Issue 5: Future Cities

Issue 4: Revolution

Issue 3: Space

Issue 2: Future Life 

Issue 1: World Cup

Online magazines: 

I am also work on a range of digital magazine titles which are aimed at businesses. These focus on a variety of industries and including coverage of the major talking points and issues within the fields.

Involved in the role is writing features for the magazines, forward planning of issues, subbing copy for the issues, commissioning features and more.