Thank you, thank you, thank you 

My book is complete, it’s been published and is out there in the wild.

This is just a short post to say thank you to a huge number of people who helped out during the researching, writing and editing process. There was a considerable amount of kindness, patience, and help provided to me by a lot of people. 

From when I got the commission, March 2014, until the December deadline there were many words of encouragement from friends, family and strangers. I am going to go as far as saying that overall process was the single most intense project and period of time that I have ever worked upon. It saw me interview close to 70 people, transcribe well over 100,000 words, read many thousands of words, write around 130,000 extra words (the limit was 80k), have continued weeks with 4 hours sleep per night and work a full time job. In reality it consumed everything that I did and was too much.

Yet, the whole thing wouldn’t have been at all possible without the support of those around me. So thank you to everyone that helped out – it means more than I can express.

I hope anyone who is amazing enough to buy it enjoys it.