About Me

I am a British journalist and author working for WIRED magazine in the UK – based in central London. In my role as deputy digital editor I help coordinate, commission and edit all articles published on WIRED.co.uk. I write news and features for the website, contribute to the magazine, produce the weekly podcast and assist with the curation of WIRED events. My personal interests include: cybersecurity; internet rights; privacy; transparency; and data – although, I cover stories across science, technology, business and culture.

Outside of WIRED, I am available for freelance writing. I have contributed to Business Life, British Airways magazine; The Economist; Creative Review; Modus and more.

In 2012, I created the website FOI Directory – which contains lists and contact details of more than 10,000 public authorities. I have written and talked about the UK’s Freedom of Information laws, openness and transparency.

My previous experience includes writing for trade magazines and the national UK newspapers as a news reporter, while being based at a press agency.


In 2015, my first book – Freedom of Information: A practical guide for UK journalists – was published by Routledge. It is a ‘how to’ publication for the country’s transparency law and is based on interviews with senior journalists and information rights specialists, plus a detailed study of case law.

In 2020, my second book – Reed Hastings: Building Netflix – was published by W&N. It charts the rise of Netflix under Hastings’s direction and is based around interviews with his former colleagues.

Contact me 

If you would like to contact me send me an email: matt_burgess@wired.com / mattburgess100@gmail.com. Twitter: @mattburgess1. Or Mastodon.